Are You Savage Enough?

A lot of people aren't ready to take their game to the next level.  And that's ok.  This product isn't for you though... stick to breakfast cereal and pop-tarts, bud.

Savage Oats was made for the people that want to step their game up and are tired of all the garbage products that are currently out there.

It's for the people that care about how they feel and perform on a daily basis.  For those people... we had to create something that WORKS!

Why Savage oats?

High Plant-Based Protein

What do you want in this life? Protein will help with that.  Let's make sure you get it in! And without the whey bloating.

Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Rookie-Free

Can't be a savage without a healthy gut.  Dairy and Gluten are two of the biggest problems for people's gut, so we figured we'd ditch the crap.  

Breakfast, Pre/ Post-Workout, Savage Dessert

Wanna start your day off right?  Wanna actually have a good workout? Wanna recover the right way from a workout? DO YOU WANT A DESSERT THAT WON'T KILL YA?!?!?!